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Puke Crackers

maru food

Maru being grossed out by the smell of bananas making his crackers taste like puke
It was like eating upchuck

I went along with family to run errands and we brought along some snacks because it was going to be a long day. They put rather ripe bananas in the bag which made the entire car smell really sweet. Unfortunately that smell also permeated the other food in the bag, which to my dismay created puke tasting crackers.

It’s hard to explain the taste they had, if I’m being honest. The sweet and tangy scent made it taste like when you’re sick and you’re about to expel all your stomach contents, and then the savory, garlicy taste mixed with that was like the phlegm that follows. Needless to say, I cannot finish the rest of that box of crackers now. 🤢


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