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Maru dealing with a broken game controller
Such clicky, much gaming, quite broken. Wow.

I ordered myself a 8BitDo Neo Geo Wireless Controller from Woot as a Christmas gift. My only experience with this type of gamepad was the Neo Geo Pocket Color that used a similar micro-switch design in it. Honestly though, that little handheld from over twenty years ago functions probably more precisely than this Neo Geo CD style controller and is higher in quality. They say they made this controller like the original Neo Geo CD controller, and if that’s the case then everybody who had that console had to deal with weirdly high input register distance for the microswitches.

As for me though, I have this habit of receiving brand new, lemon controllers. I ended up receiving a controller that had the membrane inside the controller probably rupture within a couple of days of having it, and that wasn’t even a button I was using most of the time. At first I decided to ask 8BitDo support if there were a way to get new parts for this controller. Their response was to send it back to Woot for a replacement. They also made a point of saying they didn’t recommend that you replace spare parts yourself and that disassembling the controller would void the warranty. Well then, maybe you should use better quality parts inside of the controllers then? This is why I generally use arcade sticks that I can open up and replace the parts in them because arcade parts are generally made for taking more wear and tear and for arcade operators to repair them. I will be getting a replacement, but now I’m left wondering if you can even get replacement parts for this controller since 8BitDo’s website doesn’t list parts for this specific one.😒


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