Maru about page portrait


My name is Lance Bauer, but I use my artist name, MARU, for many of my works. I'm a freelance artist, illustrator, and designer with a penchant for cartoons, comics, and mechanical design. I started learning to draw from a very early age by studying books on drawing and ilustration. My artistic start was mostly using traditional mediums such as colored pencils and ink with watercolor, but as the tools for digital illustration became more affordable and available I started transitioning towards illustrating digitally while trying to mimic the same aesthetics of traditional mediums.

Many of my inspirations come from comics, animated media, movies, and PC and video games. I enjoy sharing my artwork with others as well as exchanging ideas to create and inspire more creativity. I would like to collaborate with other artists and designers on larger projects in the future.

Some of my hobbies include video games, streaming on, animated and live action movies, amateur software development, web design, and composing electronic music. Putting my hobbies and skills together to work on a PC or video game is one of my aspirations.

I make most of my digital artwork using Procreate or Krita and support affordable and open source software that allows more people access to creative enjoyment.